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Biography of Blake Goldring and his achievements

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blake goldring is one of the leading businessmen, entrepreneur and a philanthropist of Canada. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and a Chairman of Canada’s top leading company AGF Management Limited that is famous for Investment Firm.

Apart from all these Blake Chairman is also the chairman of a Canada company. In the year 2006, he also introduced an organisation in Canada, and this main organisation motto was to bring the entire community leader together in Canada and to abutment the military of Canada and their families.
What are the early life and education of Blake-Goldring?
Blake-Goldring’s Father Name was Warren Goldring, and his mother name was Barbara Goldring. He has five siblings from which Blake Goldring was the eldest in their family.
Goldring was the student of the University of Tornado from which he had completed his Honors degree in Economics. From small only, he was the very sharp student, and at the fourth year when he was completing his graduation degree at that time, he became the vice president of AIESEC. After that, had also completed his master degree in Business Administration, whichis abbreviated as MBA. After completing his Master degree in 2008, he had received the Honorary Doctor of Law.

What are the achievements of Blake Goldring?
During the career, Blake-Goldring was Honoured with many respectful awards.
The followings are the most prestigious awards by Blake-Goldring, and they are:
• In the year of 2003, he was introduced in AIESEC, which was the Canada’s Wall of Fame.
• In the year 2007, he was also recognised as the prestigious person for a consequence AIESEC, he also owned the Arbour Award from the University of Tornado.
• In the year of 2012, he owned the Queens Diamond Jubilee medal.
Apart from all these prestigious awards,Blake Goldringwas also recognised as the most significant person in Canada. In the year 2011, he was awarded as the Merit dinner for the contribution of the betterment of the society.

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