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Buy YouTube views for more traffic

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A friend of mine once told me that I should buy YouTube views for promoting my post. When I asked why I should do it, his answer was pretty simple yet discreet that the better retention you have the more views you will get to your upload. Unfortunately his advice was worth taking action on and as my research concluded that 60 to 80% videos get most of their traffic in the same way. He later portrayed a good example of it by drawing a cartoon dancing and uploading his work on YouTube. He left the thing for a week and didn`t touch it.

Later it appeared that the video had a dozen views and about 7 comments stating that his work was good but sadly this was not enough in return for the hard work he did and then he said it is time to buy YouTube views to get what he deserves. At first time this appeared unpleasant but after realizing hiss plates. It came to my mind that it was the only choice he had, so I played along with him. So he purchased 500 views for his post with 79 comments (some negative, some neutral and some positive thus starting a thread) with likes and dislikes. What disappointed me is he did not make everything happened in the blink of an eye but instead he went with a strategy which lasted a week. Frankly this was frustrating for me as this was my first experience to buy YouTube views and increase traffic but after two weeks of the whole process his hard work seemed to pay off and the 500 likes earned him 432 likes more in 2 weeks thus generating a lot of traffic for his post. The point is you don’t buy views to increase traffic at all but to encourage people to visit your post.
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