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Chemical free foods are hard to reach

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In today’s world of modern technologies that are highly advanced, upgraded and updated due to the presence of scientific inventions and innovations, the way to the most difficult task seems to be easy. Consider the time of 19th century India when the agricultural produce was so scarce that it was not even serving the country’s purposes. Besides the scarcity it was the poor quality of the produce obtained from the primary sector, hence it was of mere use for the countrymen. Thus it was the advent of scientific innovations in the country that it experienced a drastic positive change in the agriculture sector. The Green Revolution in 1960s brought Indian agricultural output to the highest possible volumes with the country becoming able not only to produce for its own citizens but for maintaining the exports surplus too. Hence it was a major achievement in the country’s history.

For something to gain something has to be sacrificed for the opportunity costs does not allow the person to gain two things at a time. Although the agricultural produce has been colossal since the revolution but the techniques used for the produce are harmful. The reform has been assisted with the consistent use of pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals that are aimed to reduce the damage to the crop. But it is the suction pull of the plants that the chemicals reside inside the fruits of the crop giving the humans a dangerous food product.
However, it is the Athletic Green super food that is free from such harmful substances and provides the human race with a quality best super food aimed to provide the body with all the nutritional requirements to keep the body running. Thus athletic greens is the safest food of all.

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