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Making and managing your own private dedicated ARK: Survival Evolved server is a wonderful way to enjoy the game with friends. Server rental can be rather costly too. Fortunately, you can let your own virtual private server (VPS) where you are able to set up and manage your personal Ark Server Hosting for approximately $10/month. This guide will help you through the procedure and it presumes that you don’t need much, if any at all, expertise in handling remote servers.

Create Your Droplet
A droplet is Digital Ocean’s term to your VPS. Creating one is an easy procedure of establishing a few factors.
1.1 Input Your Droplet Name: This can be whatever you desire. It doesn’t need to be a domain name because this isn’t likely to be available via HTTP (ordinary browser asks).
1.2 Select Size: We’re likely to pick the $10/month option. It’s 1 CPU, 1GB of memory, along with a 30GB SSD. The ARK server demands 4GB of memory, however because doubles the price of this server. Thus, we’ll be using this SSD rate and dimensions by developing a huge swap to cosmetics the excess memory.
This is a very under powered host. If you would like to play with a couple buddies shifting in size. The fantastic thing about Digital Ocean is you can do this later in the event you decide to. The 40/month alternative would be ideal.
1.3 Select Your Area: You wish to pick the area closest to you, because this will provide one of the lowest ping. In my situation, I am picking “New York 3”, the default value.
1.4 Select Picture:
The picture is your operating system. With this manual, you need to select “Ubuntu 14.04”. It is possible to set up the Ark Server Hosting on other distros, however a number of the controls will differ.
1.5 Available Settings: This is where you may decide on a few additional bells and whistles for that your droplet. In this instance, I am empowering “Backups”. This will raise the expense of the host by 20%, but it is going to provide an automatic weekly backup. If something happens to an own server, you might choose to roll back it, otherwise you can lose all of your progress.