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Ten facts about Lizards you may need to know

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With specie count of over six thousand and widely distributed across the world, lizards (จิ้งจก) are quite common and popular creatures. They possess some characteristics, which the quite unique in their own way, from their physique to their feeding habits to their lifespan; they are also reputed to be amongst the most contrasting creatures aesthetically with some specie finer than the other.

Amongst several other features, they are known to be unique due to the following reasons:
• They have four legs even though some may not possess legs; they also have two ears, they also possess bones known as quadrates.
• They are believed to form over 60% of the on extant species of reptiles in the world.
• They grow to sizes that range from a few centimeters to about three meters long and sometimes as long as seven meters as in the case of the giant monitor lizard.
• Furthermore, they are believed to possess good eye sight with ability to recognize colors.
• Some of them actually shed their tails; they are one of the few creatures that shed their tails via a process called autonomy. They also use their bright colored tails to distract predators who first go for the tail before any other body part, what this means is that they sacrifice their tails for their lives. When this tail is cut off, it continues to shake hence deceiving the attacker into paying attention to the tail instead of the reptile itself.
• Also, it should be noted that they egg laying creatures; the females are reputed to favor stronger and active males.
• Most of them are actually harmless to human beings, a lot of people might not believe this due to their usually scary looks, many of them are kept as pets
• Furthermore, some cultures and regions actually worship them.
• They are also eaten in some areas of the world, some people call them tree chicken while others call them the fish of the desert.
• They are also very useful for กำจัดปลวก (Termite control). as well as other insects because they eat them.

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